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How To Shop For The Appropriate Garage Door

02/09/2014 Back To Blog

Garage doors are great pieces of home equipments which not only secure the garage and keep residents safe, but also enhance the overall look and feel of the home. When these are damaged, or if the owner simply feels like replacing them, adding or replacing these requires a little more planning as expected. With so many items to consider and with a lot of types to choose from, choosing the right door from the start will guarantee that you’ll get one that truly accentuates the home and enhances its security. Here’s how to shop for the right garage door opener.

Take The Right Measurements

The first step in getting the right door openers is to measure the garage’s height and width, using tape measure. Make sure you take measurements from the top to the bottom of the area. According to garage installation experts, a standard opener will require a minimum 14 inches of headroom between the door opening’s top and the ceiling.

Choose The Materials You Like

The next step in shopping for garage openers is to choose the type of material which suits your personal preferences. Most garage door variants today are made from steel, aluminum, wood, vinyl and fiberglass. You could also choose from a  wide array of popular brands, from Wayne Dalton to Clopay garage doors. Some doors are insulated, which means that they keep the cold air outside, and are best for areas that are battered by severe winter storms.  While wood doors also have better insulation qualities, they require painting and are more prone to wear and tear. Steel door openers are tougher,and require less maintenance but are a bit costly.

Do You want A Manual Or Automatic Opener?

The next step would be to decide if you like a door opener that’s manual or electric. Automatic garage door openers require more maintenance and technical know-how, because they use remote controlled systems, and have a lot of wiring too as compared to a manually-operated door.

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